Remote Resources

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We provide you with the best of the best

Our remote resources have years of experience in providing administration, sales and support services to businesses operating in a wide array of industries. We combine this with our dedicated quality assurance service to ensure you are receiving the best of best from all of our services.

what can we do for you?

We will offer you bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs. Our remote resources can undertake additional roles as your needs grow. We are confident in our ability to improve the quality and efficiency of your work whilst providing you with a highly cost effective solution. 

Call Center Services

iRT can deploy any number of call center operatives to support your business campaign needs.

Virtual Assistants

We have a strong bank of virtual assistants who are dedicated to the needs of your business. You may choose from a wealth of skills to find the perfect match.

Remote Resources

Your business needs may be outsourced to dedicated personnel in order to provide you with a competitive and cost effective solution to your staffing

Dedicated Medical Billing

iRT has a wealth of experience in providing support to the healthcare industry in Medical Billing. We are also able to process lost and old claims at no extra cost to your business.


Our Survey team can undertake your campaigns and provide you with expansive outreach over your target area. We can also develop your questionnaires and research your potential target population.

Appointments & Transfers

As an extension of our virtual assistant services, our staff can provide appointment setting services for your business and provide you a saving of up to 50% in your staffing costs.

Let us create the best solutions for your business