We take care of your revenue so you can take care of your patients.​


We provide you with A to Z solutions for all of your Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable needs.

Why Outsource Medical Billing?

Outsourcing medical billing to a third party significantly eliminates medical billing errors, which boosts the processing of reimbursements and payments, streamlining your workflow and adding to revenue generation.

On average, a dedicated billing company will send claims more thoroughly, reliably, and quickly than an in-house billing team. This means a higher percentage will be paid at a higher amount.

As a result, we increase turnover for our customers by 10% – 20% and allowing them to focus on their core business while we secure their revenue.


How do we grow Revenue?


By dedicating Certified Medical Coders (CPC) having 5 years expertise in your specialty for error-free coding.


By analyzing the codes by specialty specific Certified Medical Coders for maximum reimbursement.


By dedicating a 24 hours operational Medical Billing & Collection team having over 5 years of expertise.


By following-up with insurance companies relentlessly from the 7th day of claim transmission.

Follow Through

Effective denied claim management and  maintenance of aging claims ensures you receive high reimbursement.

No Reward No Fee

Only pay administrative costs on claims that are successful in our revenue sharing model.

Our Medical Billing Services


Avail our exceptional reception services for your organization.

Claims Processing

Our highly proficient Medical Billers will ensure you are not losing any revenue.


Let us deal with insurance providers so you can focus on patient care.

Denial Management

We persevere to follow up any denied claims and pursue any remedies.

Accounts Receivable

We are professionals in administrative processing and guarantee our benefits.

Dedicated Billing Team

Would you like a bespoke solution? Contact us to arrange an in-house team.