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Immaculate placements, speedy staffing & uncomplicated methodology- iRecruit Tech (iRT) is spearheading the Recruitment & RPO industry with its bespoke solutions customized to help businesses grow, save operational costs and to find the best resources available.

iRT combines business development with market intelligence with no compromise on professionalism, business ethics and morality.

This plan of action of iRT is ideal for you as it is designed to seamlessly integrate directly with your existing staffing model, provide dedicated staff to work exclusively on your projects, and to protect your company’s intellectual property rights as well as reducing your recruitment costs up to 50%.

Our Human Resource Solutions


Our resolute team seeks to provide you the most practical and versatile human resource solutions related to recruitment.

Executive Search Services

Our team specializes in ensuring that you are able to engage with accomplished executive professionals for key roles who would lead your organization to prosperity.

Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare facilities of all sizes often need assistance with short or long-term recruitment. We offer a wide spectrum of healthcare staffing services to fill any short or long-term vacuum as a single strategic partner.

Tech Recruitment

If you are looking for a highly skilled professional for your projects or for permanent hiring, you are at the right place as we are committed in matching the right tech professional with the right role.

RPO services

We are devoted to provide you with a competitive edge in the market by supplying the most proficient talent. We complement your recruitment team. We understand, deliberate and take full ownership of the recruitment strategies and process for it to be effective.

Dedicated Virtual Recruiter

Long distances and time differences are not a problem as our dedicated virtual recruiter service enables you to reach to any talented individual from around the world. Virtual open houses allow many people to participate and online interviews save time and resources.

Helping Your Business Grow

We are steadfast in our goal to be the world’s fastest staffing solution – perfectly and promptly matching your job requirements to our database of thousands of experienced staff vetted by our strongly motivated team that knows diverse sectors thoroughly. 

Our solution, based on finely tuned market research and knowledge, is fully equipped to recruit talent around the globe. Our team is conversant with the market and geography you operate in, and you have the resources and proficiency of an international setup at your service. 

Our modus operandi is providing top-notch resources without the complexities of traditional staffing.

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